The SCA Group began life as a modest contractor with a big ambition. Providing specialist access scaffolding to the Marine sector gave SCA the perfect niche to quickly establish itself as a principal player in this particular market.

But for SCA it was not just about cornering the market with the services they provided, it was all about forming long term partnerships with well-established firms that recognised the benefits of working closely with us. This would ultimately bring mutually beneficial gains in the projects which we worked on, and gave us a solid platform for growth and expansion that we worked extremely hard to achieve.

Working in the Marine sector with clients such as BAE Systems and A&P Ship Repair Group provided us with not only the credibility to offer our services further afield, but also with the knowledge and experience of working under such time critical constraints. These had to be adhered to whilst maintaining an unwavering dedication to health and safety and the protection of our employees and the environment.

With long term contracts secured in recognition of our skills, professionalism and appreciation of our working environment, SCA had secured the perfect platform to explore alternative markets and service provisions. This led to the offering of specialist shrink wrap containment as another area of expertise, and also allowed us to grow in to the Rail and Commercial sectors as providers of access scaffolding and temporary weather protection. Both of these areas demanded a highly professional approach, and dedication to the management of health and safety, which served us well, and we quickly established a solid reputation in the region for these trades.

More recently, SCA has expanded its service provisions with the addition of Rope Access and Painting Divisions. These divisions offer a wide variety of services, complementing SCAs core businesses extremely well, allowing for painting and coating application and analysis, blasting, non-destructive testing, geotechnical surveying, de-vegetation and landscaping services, and other general maintenance and cleaning abilities.

SCA has grown in size and stature since its inception using strong links in the Marine sector as a platform to become a true Multi-Discipline contractor, able to service a wide selection of industries from Renewables, and Civils, to Oil & Gas.