SCA Site Services Complete Bridge Renovation

SCA’s experienced Multi-Discipline Site Services team have recently completed the renovation of Midland Road Bridge in Bath.

In the summer of 2015, SCA Group’s Site Services team were contracted to carry out the huge task of restoring the Midland Road Bridge in Bath to its former glory. The bridge had become tired and the old surface was damaged, so SCA’s all-encompassing service provision was at hand to complete the project using an array of skill sets, specifically put together to carry out this multi-discipline project.

The project itself involved strategic planning and multiple work phases achieved in a short timescale, commencing with the erection of specialist access scaffolding and SCA’s protective Shrink Wrap encapsulation solution. In the first instance, SCA’s scaffold technicians were required to erect the suspended crash deck to the underside of the road bridge and access provision the full length of the structure to reach the side steel structures. The scaffold was then fully contained allowing protected access to all areas of the steels.

The first phase scaffolding included a visqueen insert on the crash deck with a plywood overlay to finish as requested by the main contractor. Once the scaffold was complete, SCA’s Industrial Coatings specialists began the process of washing down the existing steel structure and preparing it for the recoating phase of the contract. The surfaces were grit blasted first, which consisted of a full SA2.5 blast of the structure, and the specific coating system was applied thereafter, from primer through to a final finish of the colour specified by the main contractor.

SCA’s experienced Site Services team were selected for this project primarily for the ability to complete the project under a single source of management, rather than multiple trades on site at once. This meant that we were able to deliver the project within the strict 35 week timescale through efficient programming of an array of specialised services.

The entire project was split in to two phases to allow canal boat navigational channels to remain open.

The original Midland Bridge was constructed in 1870 and linked the Midland Railway to the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway, thus opening up links to the western side of Bath city centre. The structure provided access to the Green Park Terminus Station which joined the lines at this point.

The original bridge was found to be inadequate in 1905 and was subsequently replaced, and nowadays carries the B3118 road, rather than providing rail travel in the area. The renovation work carried out by SCA Site Services will help the bridge enjoy it’s new facelift for many more years to come!