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SCA Rope Access return Highway Embankment back to a safe status!

SCA Rope access have recently been commended for attending and managing a stretch of embankment that required closing to enable works that would return it back to a safe status.img_2577

SCA managed scaling and the removal of all unstable surface material to prevent it from falling and causing issues with the traffic using the stretch of road.

SCA provided vegetation clearance of the embankment allowing crucial elements to remain to prevent destabilisation of the embankment removing trees that were at risk of falling and rock materials lowered to the ground safely.


SCA were praised for the level of management used and the commitment of ensuring the works were complete within the road closure period and demonstrated a safe system of work for the major Highway main contractor.

SCA Industrial Coatings Service London Underground Assets

Bridge refurbishmentSCA Group have been engaged in a multi discipline project which applied 3 of its industrial service offerings and provided a seamless transition between phases.

Brent Cross Bridge, owned by London underground required major refurbishment works with the external areas requiring SA2.5 Blast preparation followed by a specified coating system and the internal parapets requiring an ST3 preparation followed by a specified coating system.

SCA Group worked closely with the main contractor to design and install the scaffold access required to complete the next phase, followed by our shrink wrap containment installation ensuring that pedestrian access was maintained with safe passage provided through the working area containing all of the harmful blast debris.

SCA Group provided the work working both day and night to coincide with other areas of work onsite also providing a sound deadening system to reduce resident complaints.


SCA Group Complete Geotechnical Stability Project

Goldmire Quarry 053SCA Group were awarded the stability and rock fall remedial works in Cumbria to prevent debris causing potential line safety issues, due to a number of rock fall events the works were necessary. The project required De-vegetation, scaling and then installation of rock anchors and nails by means of hand drill and A frame mechanical installation followed by a netting system capable of holding back any loose rock fragments that may become a threat in the future.

During the project our Geotechnical manager highlighted a number of elements that would impact the efficiency of the current design and allowed minor changes to be made to improve the installation and product received by Network Rail.

The project require minimal design changes due to changing ground conditions but it completed on budget and within the adjusted programme period.

SCA Group’s Rope access division enabled the line to remain un blocked should any urgent traffic have been required to pass unexpectedly.

SCA Rope Access Embankment Excavation Programme

SCA are highly experienced in minor or major vegetation management / embankment works, by being a fully approved IRATA rope access member we ensure our access staff are working to the latest industry standards and equipment, complying with all IRATA guidelines also internally sponsored and fully qualified to work trackside with sentinel certification.

SCA Group were asked to provide a system to extract a large volume of materials causing portal pressure and clear the portal areas from vegetation and debris that could fall down the embankment.

SCA Group immediately applied suction excavation which enabled a team of men to extract 10 tonne of materials without impacting the operating main line below, by working day and night SCA Group were able to clear all vegetation/complete all scaling/excavate materials from behind the portal parapet all completed 30m down at the bottom of the embankment.

SCA Group completed 4 portal heads reducing the parapet loadings on budget and in programme and eliminating any portal failures.


SCA Site Services Carry Out Repairs to Communication Masts

SCA Site Services North & South have been carrying out repairs to Communication Masts in various locations using highly skilled IRATA technicians.

SCA’s highly skilled and experienced Site Services management team have been working closely with clients to devise a safe access system for the repair and refurbishment of Communication Masts and similar constructions across the UK.

Masts such as the one pictured perform vital tasks in many environments, such as the rail industry for example. The roles performed in providing vital communication networks by such structures mean that their efficient working and virtual absence of non-performance periods are hugely important, and SCA have fulfilled a vital role in their maintenance.

SCA deployed IRATA trained Rope Access technicians to provide a safe means to access redundant wiring and other components on these masts, and remove them from height without endangering the surrounding areas. Equipment was stripped and safely lowered to ground level in preparation for repairs and protective coating application.

Once the masts had been stripped of unwanted materials, SCA’s multi-disciplined team prepared the surface and applied a suitable protective coating which will prolong the life of the structure, and maintain service to the required industry.

SCA have received multiple commendations for completing the work to the highest safety standards, whilst achieving time and price constraints simultaneously.


Focus on SCA Rope Access De-Vegetation Works

SCA’s Rope Access technicians are utilising their skills and our professional approach to maintain railway lines and stations across the country.

The SCA Groups Rope Access team are providing a unique solution to maintaining and servicing Britain’s railway lines, stations and verges. Across the UK, SCA’s skilled employees are carrying out various de-vegetation works along the rail network in order to keep our stations and tracks free from overgrowing trees, weeds and bushes, and to satisfy the requirements of Network Rail to keep the stations and lines in neat and tidy order.

Working for a number of clients including Dyer & Butler and J Murphy & Sons, SCA’s service provision in this particular field includes removal of vegetation, tree cutting and felling, wood chipping, landscaping, weeding, and many other methods of maintaining the greenery in and around the railway stations stretching across the country.

Given SCA’s Rope Access capabilities provided by our experienced and highly qualified management and supervision, all of the above works take place in hard to reach areas such as the sides of bridges or steep viaducts and verges, and can take place during possessions, night shifts or normal working patterns.

All Rope Access services are carried out to the highest standards of safety and quality, and, of course, in line with Network Rail working conditions as dictated by SCA’s Link-Up status.

For more information on this service, or indeed any other Rope Access provisions, contact Scott Barton at SCA Head Office on 01202 820820 or email



Thanet Offshore Wind Farm Maintenance & Protection Contract

Thanet Offshore Wind Farm Maintenance & Protection Contract completed by SCA Group’s Rope Access Division for Vattenfall.

July 2013 saw the SCA Rope Access Team successfully secure a £350k contract to complete a maintenance program for Vattenfall, at the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm. The offshore substation had a number of coating defects and areas of damage, and SCA’s dedicated Rope Access division were recruited to carry out the required repairs.

The contract to complete the desired maintenance work at Thanet, required SCA to provide the following:

  • On & Offshore Personnel
  • Task specific Tools, Plant and Equipment
  • Materials & Expendables
  • Management and Office Support
  • Accommodation Subsistence & Transport costs
  • Onshore Storage Facilities
  • Access requirements for Offshore working

The Thanet Offshore Wind Farm is located 7 miles off the Kent coastline, and is the World’s third largest facility of its kind (as at June 2013).

Steve Watkins, Service Leader at the Thanet Wind Farm, confirmed SCA’s success on the project by praising the attitude of the Rope Access Division’s management and highly skilled employees. SCA were always helpful and pro-active on site, always problem solving and with a commendable can-do attitude.

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Belval Industrial Blast Furnace Restoration Project

In 2012, the SCA Group completed their involvement in the hugely successful restoration project of an Industrial Blast Furnace site located in Belval, Luxembourg. The site housed three furnaces in total that were to undergo substantial preservation, but this ground breaking and historically relevant project very nearly didn’t take place.

In 2005, the Government of Luxembourg made a decision to begin a restoration project on the Belval blast furnaces and the surrounding area, but the decision was subsequently plagued by controversy and delays which put a stop to any such plans and the plants remained untouched for an additional five years.

However, in February of 2011, the project was given the go-ahead and the restoration works began. SCA were selected to provide the containment for this highly specialised project in recognition of their skill, knowledge and superior products in the Shrink Wrapping field.

The Belval Plant, is found just outside Esch-sur-Alzette, south of the country’s capital, Luxembourg City. Production in the area ceased in the early 1990’s and two of the Belval furnaces were conserved, along with other parts of the factory.

Three furnaces could be found at Belval in total, one of which was dismantled and re-assembled in China, and the two remaining (simply called A and B), were registered on the Supplementary Inventory of National Monuments and Site’s in the year 2000. They have now been preserved and integrated in to the Science, Research and Innovation Park. The National Centre for Industrial Culture will also be developed here.


Westfield Bistrotheque Restaurant

The SCA Group’s Specialist Containment Division crucial in providing the Westfield Bistrotheque Restaurant with an Award Winning Service

SCA Group are experts in the media and events industry for providing award winning temporary structures and buildings, and played a crucial role in establishing the Westfield Bistrotheque Restaurant, now the most awarded temporary structure within London.

London architects, Carmody Groarke, were responsible for the design of the temporary restaurant which sat on top of the 35m high Westfield Shopping Centre and overlooked the Olympic Park. The restaurant was built entirely from reclaimed materials found across the area of construction in east

SCA applied the protective skin which visually offered the cosmetic expectation to the client and the individuals dining throughout its use at the Olympic site when building commenced.

The Bistrotheque’s Pop-up Restaurant remained in place for only a three week period, and once dismantled, all materials were either returned to site, or recycled.

SCA have been asked to provide a varied range of media covered events including Media tents for the Royal wedding so that television companies could house equipment and reporters throughout the event and were also asked to provide enclosures for the Royal jubilee.


Aquatic Centre

SCA’s Shrink Wrap Division play crucial role in the Legacy works taking place once the 2012 Olympic Games had finished

Having played a part in the London 2012 Games construction process, the SCA Group have been delighted to return to site and assist in Legacy works, on what is now a world-famous, landmark project.

ENJ Scaffolding, working closely with Balfour Beatty, appointed SCA Group team because of the fire retardant qualities of the containment employed. The project involved removal of the Aquatic Centre seats and sections of the exterior walls so floor to ceiling glass panels can be installed. Capacity is being reduced from the original Games purpose so the building is fit for future use.

SCA Group shrink wrapped the scaffolding, creating protective partitions around the exposed exterior face while demolition works were carried out to the exterior of the building. Our product ensures the pool and other internal areas remain clean and free of construction debris.

SCA Group adapted the shrink wrap installation to work within the contours of the structure within this unusual eye shaped building. The project was completed on time and to an extremely high standard, and will remain on site for the best part of an entire year. Given the durability of our product, there will be only a slim possibility of repair works in this period.