Industrial Coatings Division complete Exeter Station Contract

Exeter Central Railway Station has received a makeover recently with SCA’s Industrial Coatings Division providing the Painting expertise to finish the job.

The contract to complete the refurbishment of the steelwork and timber elements of Exeter Station required preparation and repainting to the underside canopies, internal & external canopy fascias and columns to multiple platforms. All of the work needed to be carried out to strict coating system specifications for paint and surface preparation, as stipulated by Network Rail.

All coats of specified paint were applied to the riveted steel panels under controlled atmospheric conditions to ensure the covering was applied in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines, and to the satisfaction of the main contractor, and Network Rail legislation.

To allow the coating to be successfully applied, the steelwork was mechanically prepared to achieve a standard of cleanliness in conjunction with ISO requirements, and to guarantee the paintwork for the agreed period of warranty. This involved the full removal of the loose and flaky existing coat to a firm sound edge, and a thorough clean and degrease, and a complete eradication of any contaminants prior to re-application.

To complete the maintenance of the station, SCA were also contracted to prepare and line the valley gutters using a specialist paint approved by Network Rail. The work involved cleaning out the gutters, carrying out hand preparation and abrading followed by the application of a high build coating finish. To access the platform roof, a combination of mobile towers, valley walkers and a specially designed system of roof walk boards were used ensuring the station looked as good as new on completion.