New TG20:13 Good Practice Guide Launched

The brand new TG20:13 Operational Guide contains a detailed and practical instruction for a variety of different scaffold types, and is a huge expansion on previous versions of the manual. A range of structures, including Independent Scaffolding, Ladder Access Towers, Lift Shaft Towers and Internal Birdcages, are covered and all backed up with in depth research in to the structures, as well as calculations.

The guide aims to further raise awareness of good practice in scaffolding across the construction industry, and improve standards of scaffolding and safety.

This version of the guide, produced by the NASC, is fully supported by the UKCG, HSE and CITB, and takes the shape of four different publications – two A4 books, innovative new software, and a pocket sized User Guide.

As part of SCA’s membership with the NASC and ongoing commitment to operating to the highest safety standards and industry standards, the new TG20:13 Guide will be cascaded throughout the organisation to ensure all management and operatives are properly informed and trained in the advancements detailed in the all new guide.

SCA Managing Director Steve King noted that “the new TG20:13 is a significant progress from the previous version, and we are all extremely positive and excited about it!”