Portsmouth City Centre Regeneration Project

SCA Group’s highly experienced Commercial Scaffolding team have been selected to work on an inner city regeneration project to refurbish Wilmcote House in Somers Town, Portsmouth. The project is an important one for the residents of the area and will provide a substantial improvement in living conditions, not to mention the environmental benefits of lower energy consumption thanks to the materials being used during construction.

Wilmcote House was originally constructed in 1968 and is a large council house block containing 107 flats and maisonettes stretched across three adjoining sections and 11 storeys. As part of the governments’ drive towards sustainable housing with zero carbon emissions, Wilmcote House is one of many such structures earmarked for redevelopment across the UK due to the construction method employed at the time. Made from a prefabricated reinforced concrete sandwich panel system, the council block is woefully inadequate for environmental performance and long-term durability.

Many of the problems facing the residents and council owners alike are symptomatic of social housing in the 60’s, and this has prompted the innovative solution being adopted here to bring the housing block in to the age of environmental awareness that we live in today. The building is scheduled to be entirely overclad in a new thermal envelope, improving the insulation, waterproofing and airtightness throughout. The open walkways are being enclosed, communal staircases installed, and the highly problematic bitumen flat roof being replaced with a new pitched covering.

SCA are on hand to provide the necessary access for the retrofit to be carried out to the required standard and finish. A total of nine 32m high temporary staircases are being utilised on site along with six smaller units, scaffolding to stair and lift cores, and a temporary roof covering to allow the replacement of the existing structure.