Portsmouth Eastern Road Bridge Handed Back

In March 2017 SCA Group were engaged as a multi discipline subcontractor to deliver the Eastern Road Bridge project working collaboratively with the main contractor, having been a close partner on previous complex projects SCA Group were selected to help provide Scaffolding Containment and Industrial Coating services.

SCA Group were selected by 2 of the 3 tendering contractors to provide the partnering package and supported both to provide a different but equally very high standard of proposal.

The project involved floating scaffold materials to the bridge during tidal periods on barges, erecting and then containing the bridge structure using shrink wrap containment.

Following full containment SCA conducted a full blast and Coating application to provide a 20+ year life and now we can be seen on our final departure all loaded and back to port!

A complex but successful project and a great example of collaborative working with client and Contractors!

We don’t believe projects can be delivered successfully any other way.