Focus on SCA Rope Access De-Vegetation Works

SCA’s Rope Access technicians are utilising their skills and our professional approach to maintain railway lines and stations across the country.

The SCA Groups Rope Access team are providing a unique solution to maintaining and servicing Britain’s railway lines, stations and verges. Across the UK, SCA’s skilled employees are carrying out various de-vegetation works along the rail network in order to keep our stations and tracks free from overgrowing trees, weeds and bushes, and to satisfy the requirements of Network Rail to keep the stations and lines in neat and tidy order.

Working for a number of clients including Dyer & Butler and J Murphy & Sons, SCA’s service provision in this particular field includes removal of vegetation, tree cutting and felling, wood chipping, landscaping, weeding, and many other methods of maintaining the greenery in and around the railway stations stretching across the country.

Given SCA’s Rope Access capabilities provided by our experienced and highly qualified management and supervision, all of the above works take place in hard to reach areas such as the sides of bridges or steep viaducts and verges, and can take place during possessions, night shifts or normal working patterns.

All Rope Access services are carried out to the highest standards of safety and quality, and, of course, in line with Network Rail working conditions as dictated by SCA’s Link-Up status.

For more information on this service, or indeed any other Rope Access provisions, contact Scott Barton at SCA Head Office on 01202 820820 or email