Rope Access team to assist in Dawlish Railway repair project

SCA Group’s Rope Access technicians have been called upon to assist in the efforts to re-open the section of Teignmouth to Dawlish railway line that was severely damaged in the February storms. The railway line connects the South West to the rest of the UK and is an essential part of the infrastructure for this part of the country.

In early February, after a prolonged period of torrential rain and high winds, huge waves left the railway tracks suspended in mid-air. A week later, further damage was sustained in more storms, and Network Rail claimed that this important stretch of railway would remain closed until mid-April.

Now, specialist fire crews are helping to instigate a controlled landslide in the area above the rail track where workers are fighting around the clock to get the line re-opened. High pressure water will be pumped up the cliff face from the sea to saturate some 350,000 tonnes of soil and rock and create a manmade landslip dislodging the precariously placed landmass, and ensuring that the line can become functional again as soon as possible.

SCA’s Rope Access team have been employed to work alongside geo-technical engineers, monitoring the progress of the enforced movement of land.

The safe access systems to allow the observation have all been provided by our experienced team, and all the necessary supervision is in place to abide by the IRATA legislation, and to ensure the safety of all workers on the site.