SCA Employee Puts Safety First

SCA Scaffolder, Pat Murphy, singled out for high praise by prestigious client.

SCA has always displayed a relentless, and unwavering attitude towards Health & Safety performance, and take all aspects of this subject extremely seriously. Such an attitude gives us the high accreditations, and exclusive memberships that we currently hold, not to mention the ability to boast safety statistics well below the industry average. Our no nonsense approach holds us in high regard with all of our clients, but for all the hard work and effort that goes in to maintaining such an exemplary record, we are fully aware that it could all disappear in a split second.

All employees are encouraged and repeatedly trained to recognise and highlight potential dangers and hazards, and stamp them out before an incident occurs, but the reputation of a company can only be maintained by the performance of its employees, which is why it was especially pleasing to receive commendation from our client recently for the performance of one of our scaffolders.

Pat Murphy has been awarded a Health & Safety prize by Geoffrey Osborne Limited for his performance on a site where SCA have been carrying out the scaffolding to refurbish a local school. It was recognised on a number of occasions that Pat has never relinquished his work ethic, no matter what the circumstances, and he has paid extremely close attention to Health & Safety matters on the site at all times. It was noted that “this is unusual for a scaffolder to show so much consideration regarding safety which is a huge asset for any company to have”.

SCA could not be prouder of Pat and his attitude to work, and whilst all employees act in the safest manner possible at all times, to be singled out for special recognition is no mean feat, so we echo the comments from the client and give Pat huge a ‘well done’ and we hope he keeps up the good work!