SCA Group Complete Geotechnical Stability Project

Goldmire Quarry 053SCA Group were awarded the stability and rock fall remedial works in Cumbria to prevent debris causing potential line safety issues, due to a number of rock fall events the works were necessary. The project required De-vegetation, scaling and then installation of rock anchors and nails by means of hand drill and A frame mechanical installation followed by a netting system capable of holding back any loose rock fragments that may become a threat in the future.

During the project our Geotechnical manager highlighted a number of elements that would impact the efficiency of the current design and allowed minor changes to be made to improve the installation and product received by Network Rail.

The project require minimal design changes due to changing ground conditions but it completed on budget and within the adjusted programme period.

SCA Group’s Rope access division enabled the line to remain un blocked should any urgent traffic have been required to pass unexpectedly.