SCA Group Unveil New Managing Director

The SCA Group are both proud, and slightly saddened for different reasons, to announce the arrival of a new Managing Director, who will take charge of the next phase of  the company’s future. Whilst this may seem to be something of a new direction for the business, it’s not exactly ‘out with the old and in with the new’, more a refreshed outlook from a familiar face, and a guiding hand from the most experienced of heads.

From the 1st June 2015, existing Commercial Director, Lee Bennett, will formally adopt the role of Managing Director, inheriting the reins from existing MD, Steve King. Steve has been the very heartbeat of the business since its inception in the early nineties, and his devotion and passion for the business has been central to its successes to date. But Steve now feels that the time is right to take a ‘backwards’ step and fill the role of Chairman, leaving him time to spend with his young family (like Granddaughter Ella, pictured), whilst retaining an avid interest in the key decisions and long term strategy of the Group.

From the outset, Steve and Lee have been on a hugely successful journey, turning a very modest scaffold firm into a national concern, well respected in the industry, and an employer of more than one hundred and fifty people. Central to the rise of the business, Steve and Lee have gone from scaffolding and lorry driving, to key figures in securing partnerships with BAE Systems and the A&P Group – a meteoric rise, and a huge testament to their work ethic and how highly they are regarded in the industry.

Since then, the business has never looked back and continues to be hugely successful, with Steve at the helm, admirably supported by Lee. The ethics that the company was founded upon and which have served them so well continue to be at the heart of the business, which was always part of Steve’s early vision – rewarding hard work, an unwavering approach to health and safety, a high standard of workmanship and professionalism, and an unquenchable thirst to expand and diversify. All of which have led to the SCA Group as it is known and respected today.

Steve and Lee can now proudly boast a true multi-disciplined company, with service capabilities a million miles away from the company’s original beginnings. The company operates in most of the UK’s shipyards (a goal established by the Directors in the early days), and carries out commercial services on a national and international basis. Working on ships, bridges, railways and roads alike, with a highly diverse customer base, and a safe, professional, innovative approach, the Group is everything the Directors wanted it to be all of those years ago.

Steve will now hand over the role of Managing Director to his friend and colleague Lee Bennett. Lee has been with Steve from the start and is a loyal advocate of the business – a partnership that has yielded so much success. Lee’s journey has mirrored that of the transformation of SCA, and much experience and respect has been gained along the way, and he is the perfect choice to take the business further forward, with Steve always close by for extra guidance and consultation.

Lee has lived and breathed scaffolding for much of his working life, and has always embraced Steve’s ambition and determination to succeed. He is equally as passionate about the business, for its success and its future, and is committed to carrying on Steve’s vision for the company – a vision that has served SCA admirably so far. Lee is also an academic, and a family man – two additional traits that confirm him as the right choice as Managing Director, and custodian of the future of the SCA Group.

And so it is with a huge amount of excitement that SCA looks forward to the next phase of the business’ development under the new management structure. As much as this is by no means a goodbye to Steve, all at SCA are indebted to him for the roles that they fulfil today, thanks to his determination for SCA from the start. Steve has not just created a business, but a family, and whilst he will be sorely missed, you can guarantee he will never be too far away from everything that takes place in the future.