Facilities Management


By employing the SCA Group as a single source of site or asset management, we can help our clients to achieve a number of operational goals that bring huge benefits in terms of both productivity and profitability. The main benefits are cost saving, as recruiting a solitary contractor means that all planning and project management comes under one roof enhancing overall business performance. There is also only one overhead to cover by recruiting a single site management company, so a significant reduction in outgoings is achieved almost straight away.

SCAs expertise lie in the provision of Hard management services. These are the functions that concern anything related to mechanical and electrical services, building and fabric maintenance, energy and water management, and building maintenance. The principal focus of these activities is to ensure the smooth operation of onsite activities at all times, and to prolong the working lifespan of company assets through an effective maintenance programme.

SCAs management of these activities brings a highly professional and strategic approach to the clients site or asset, whilst maintaining exemplary levels of health, safety and quality at all times. This is a mentality that the Group applies to all activities, which holds us in high regard with our vast array of existing clients.

The SCA Group strives to bring the following to any Facilities Management contract that we manage:

  • Delivery of effective management of an organisations assets
  • Enable new working styles and processes
  • Enhance and project an organisations identity and image
  • Help the integration processes associated with change, post-merger or acquisition
  • Deliver business continuity and workforce protection
  • Maximise the working life span of operationally key company assets