Rope Access


SCA Rope Access offers a proven method of achieving a safe and cost effective work position at height or in areas of complicated access. A much less cumbersome alternative to employing heavy machinery or equipment, which can be as costly as it is difficult to organise, Rope Access allows access to areas that would appear to be unobtainable.

Initially developed from techniques used in caving, it answers the need for a simple, safe and adaptable means of access with its first large scale use being for inspections on the oil and gas platforms of the North Sea.

As its value as a work solution grew rope access has also developed onshore where it is to be seen undertaking all manner of work from high-rise window and facade cleaning and general maintenance to repair, geotechnical and inspection work on some of the world’s most iconic structures.

Providing access to areas from above means that other trades on site can continue working unhindered, without jeopardising safety to those around us. SCA Rope Access is a full member of IRATA, the Worlds governing body for rope access activities, and undertakes all manner of work from cleaning and maintenance, to repair or non-destructive testing.


  • Our rope access workers work from two ropes, a working rope and a back-up safety rope, permanently attached to both
  • Each rope has a separate anchorage point
  • In the unlikely event of the working rope becoming damaged or unusable, the safety rope prevents a fall
  • To prevent accidental dropping all tools, a suitable weight are attached to the technician at all times. Heavier items are independently suspended
  • Minimum of two technicians required for any job so as to enable mutual surveillance
  • All our technicians receive extensive training and independent assessment and are required to undergo re-training every three years