SCA Group Working on Shepherd’s Crane Maintenance Project

SCA’s Rope Access technicians set to rejuvenate the Walker Crane at Shepherd Offshore in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The SCA Group’s Rope Access team has once again received recognition for their capabilities and professionalism by securing another large, specialised painting contract in the North East of England. Our technicians are currently preparing and re-coating large areas of this magnificent structure as the Walker Crane undergoes a large scale maintenance and servicing process.

The Crane, owned by Shepherd Offshore, is the largest in the country measuring 200ft tall, and has been servicing the North East since the 1930’s. This latest refurbishment project will not only maintain the crane, but additional works have increased the carrying capacity attracting new business to the marine cargo handling facilities at the Technology Park, and also make sure that the area plays an even bigger part in the region’s rapidly expanding oil and gas sector.

SCA’s role in the overall maintenance package involves providing technicians, supervision and specialist safety staging to carry out patchwork repairs to multiple areas of the crane jib. The repairs require removal of the existing paintwork to return the steel structure back to its barest form, and then re-applying specialist coatings to restore the framework to its finished form.

SCA have provided the qualified personnel to carry out these works accessing the structure using Rope Access, in conjunction with the ongoing functioning of the crane, ensuring the minimum amount of disruption on site throughout.