At the SCA Group, we strive for excellence in terms of Health & Safety at all times, without exception. Our numerous Accreditations and Qualifications prove that safe working practices, and environmental management, are always at the forefront of our thinking.

SCA recognises that the nature of our activities, and the industries in which we work, are fraught with danger and potentially hazardous situations, so our pro-active approach to Health and Safety management, makes sure that we can deliver a safe working environment at all times.

We firmly believe that a heightened awareness of our working environment and surrounding activities leads us to continually monitor and improve on our Health and Safety performance, resulting in below industry average safety statistics, and accreditation to OHSAS 18001.

Through close monitoring, continual improvement and robust training policies, SCA has produced year upon year exemplary Accident Statistics, which are approximately 30% better than national average as published by the NASC.


With a comprehensive, yet workable safety policy cascaded throughout all levels of the business we are able to maintain an exceptionally high level of safety. Through our continuous development programs aimed at all levels of the staff infrastructure, we are able to ensure that quality and safety remains paramount in the minds of all employees.


SCA has a permanent Health & Safety Advisor, and our senior management has a wealth of experience in the Health and Safety field. We also contract the services of an independent National Health & Safety consultancy group, and undertake an intensive audit of all of SCAs fixed sites on a monthly basis to ensure the highest of safety standards and Best Practices¬Ě are maintained.