Westfield Bistrotheque Restaurant

Westfield Bistrotheque Restaurant

The SCA Group’s Specialist Containment Division crucial in providing the Westfield Bistrotheque Restaurant with an Award Winning Service

SCA Group are experts in the media and events industry for providing award winning temporary structures and buildings, and played a crucial role in establishing the Westfield Bistrotheque Restaurant, now the most awarded temporary structure within London.

London architects, Carmody Groarke, were responsible for the design of the temporary restaurant which sat on top of the 35m high Westfield Shopping Centre and overlooked the Olympic Park. The restaurant was built entirely from reclaimed materials found across the area of construction in east

SCA applied the protective skin which visually offered the cosmetic expectation to the client and the individuals dining throughout its use at the Olympic site when building commenced.

The Bistrotheque’s Pop-up Restaurant remained in place for only a three week period, and once dismantled, all materials were either returned to site, or recycled.

SCA have been asked to provide a varied range of media covered events including Media tents for the Royal wedding so that television companies could house equipment and reporters throughout the event and were also asked to provide enclosures for the Royal jubilee.